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1 Society of Engineers.
2 south-east or south-eastern.
3 maths standard error.

También tienes: HSE, Hse
symbol , chem selenium.

También tienes: HSE, Hse
sea pronunciación
noun (seas )
1 (usu the sea) the large expanse of salt water covering the greater part of the Earth's surface.
2 any geographical division of this, eg the Mediterranean Sea.
3 any great expanse of water.
4 an area of sea with reference to its calmness or turbulence choppy seas .
5 a large inland saltwater lake, eg the Dead Sea.
6 anything similar to the sea in its seemingly limitless mass or expanse a sea of paperwork .
7 a vast expanse or crowd a sea of worshippers .
as adjective sea breeze .
[Anglo-Saxon sæ ]
at sea
1 away from land; in a ship on the sea or ocean.
2 completely disorganized or bewildered. Also all at sea.
go to sea to become a sailor.
put or put out to sea to start a journey by sea.

sea anchor
noun a floating device dragged by a moving ship to slow it down or prevent it drifting off course.

sea anemone
noun any of various marine invertebrates with a cylindrical and usually brightly-coloured body, numerous stinging tentacles, attached by their bases to weeds and rocks.

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