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sense pronunciación
1 any of the five main faculties used by an animal to obtain information about its external or internal environment, namely sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.
2 an awareness or appreciation of, or an ability to make judgements regarding, some specified thing She has a good sense of direction He has bad business sense .
3 (senses) soundness of mind; one's wits or reason He's lost his senses .
4 wisdom; practical worth There's no sense in doing it now .
5 a general feeling or emotion, not perceived by any of the five natural powers a sense of guilt .
6 general, overall meaning They understood the sense of the passage, if not all the words .
7 specific meaning In what sense do you mean?
8 general opinion; consensus the sense of the meeting .
verb (sensed , sensing )
1 to detect a stimulus by means of any of the five main senses.
2 to be aware of something by means other than the five main senses I sensed that someone was following me .
3 to realize or comprehend.
[14c: from Latin sensus , from sentire to feel]
bring someone to their senses to make them recognize the facts; to make them understand that they must rectify their behaviour.
come to one's senses
1 to act sensibly and rationally after a period of foolishness.
2 to regain consciousness.
in a sense in one respect; in a way.
make sense
1 to be understandable.
2 to be wise, rational or reasonable.
make sense of something to understand it; to see the purpose or explanation in it.
take leave of one's senses to begin behaving unreasonably or irrationally; to go mad.

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