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send pronunciación
verb (sent , sending )
1 to cause, direct or order to go or be conveyed.
2 (also send something off) to dispatch it I sent the letter yesterday .
3 intr
a (send for someone) to ask or order them to come; to summon them;
b (send for something) to order it to be brought or delivered .
4 to force or propel He sent me flying .
5 to cause to pass into a specified state She sent him into fits of laughter The din was sending me mad .
6 radio to cause (a message, etc) to be transmitted.
7 to bring about, especially by divine providence a plague sent by God .
8 slang originally said of jazz music: to rouse someone into a state of ecstasy; to thrill.
[Anglo-Saxon sendan ]
sender noun
1 a person who sends something, especially by post.
2 a transmitting device.
send word to send an intimation or announcement.
send away for or off for something to order (goods) by post.
send someone down
1 colloq to send them to prison.
2 to expel them from university.
send someone off in football, rugby, etc: to order (a player) to leave the field with no further participation in the game, usually after infringement of the rules.
send off for something see send away for something above.
send something on
1 to post or send it, so as to arrive in advance of oneself.
2 to re-address and re-post a letter or parcel; to forward it.
send out for something to order (takeaway food) by telephone, to be delivered to a particular address.
send someone or something up Brit colloq
1 to make fun of or parody them.
2 to send them to prison.

noun a display of good wishes from a gathering of people to a departing person or group.

noun , Brit colloq a parody or satire.

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