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sell pronunciación
verb (sold , selling )
1 to give something to someone in exchange for money.
2 to have available for buying Do you sell batteries?
3 intr
a to be in demand among customers This particular style sells well ;
b (usu sell at or for something) to be available for buying at a specified price These T-shirts sell at just under a tenner .
4 to promote the sale of something; to cause to be bought The author's name sells the book .
5 to convince or persuade someone to acquire or agree to something It was difficult to sell them the idea .
6 colloq to deceive or trick.
7 to lose or betray (eg one's principles) in the process of getting something, especially something dishonourable.
1 the act or process of selling.
2 the style of persuasion used in selling the hard sell .
3 colloq a trick or deception.
[Anglo-Saxon sellan to hand over, from Norse selja , from Gothic saljan ]
sellable adjective .
seller noun .
sell someone down the river colloq to betray them.
sell someone, something or oneself short
1 colloq to understate their good qualities; to belittle them.
2 finance to sell (eg stocks, etc) before one actually owns them, so one can buy them at a lower price just before selling them.
sold on something colloq convinced or enthusiastic about it.
sell something off to dispose of (remaining goods) by selling them quickly and cheaply.
sell out of something to sell one's entire stock of it.
sell out to someone to betray one's principles or associates to another party He sold out to the opposition .
sell up to sell one's house or business, usually because of debts.

sell-by date
noun a date stamped on a manufacturer's or distributor's label after which goods, especially foods, are considered no longer fit to be sold.

1 an event for which all the tickets have been sold.
2 a betrayal.

noun retail sale to an end-user.

seller's market or sellers' market
noun , commerce a situation where demand exceeds supply and sellers may control prices.

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