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seed pronunciación
noun (seeds or seed )
1 bot in flowering and cone-bearing plants: the highly resistant structure that develops from the ovule after fertilization, and is capable of developing into a new plant.
2 a small hard fruit or part in a fruit; a pip.
3 a source or origin the seeds of the plan .
4 literary offspring; descendants.
5 literary semen.
6 sport a seeded player He is number one seed .
7 chem a single crystal introduced to a concentrated solution to induce crystallization.
verb (seeded , seeding )
1 intr said of a plant: to produce seeds.
2 to sow or plant (seeds).
3 to remove seeds from (eg a fruit).
4 chem to use a single crystal to induce the formation of more crystals in (a concentrated solution).
5 to scatter particles of some substance into (a cloud) in order to induce rainfall, disperse a storm or freezing fog, etc.
6 sport to rank (a player in a tournament) according to their likelihood of winning has been seeded number three for Wimbledon .
7 sport to arrange (a tournament) so that high-ranking players only meet each other in the later stages of the contest.
[Anglo-Saxon sæd ]
seeded adjective
1 having the seeds removed.
2 bearing or having seeds.
3 sown.
4 sport said of a tournament player: having been ranked as a seed.
seedless adjective .
go or run to seed
1 bot said of a plant: to stop flowering prior to the development of seed.
2 colloq to become unkempt or shabby through lack of care.
sow the seeds of something to initiate it.

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