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section pronunciación
1 the act or process of cutting.
2 any of the parts into which something is or can be divided or of which it may be composed.
3 geom the surface formed when a plane cuts through a solid figure.
4 the act of cutting through a solid figure.
5 a plan or diagram showing a view of an object as if it had been cut through.
6 a smaller part of a document, newspaper, book, etc Where's the TV section of the newspaper?
7 music a subdivision of an orchestra or chorus consisting of players of similar instruments or voices the violin section .
8 geol an exposure of rock in which the strata are cut across.
9 biol a thin slice of a specimen of tissue prepared for microscopic examination.
10 a subdivision of an army platoon.
11 a subdivision of a company or organization the marketing section .
12 US a land area of one square mile.
13 NZ a building plot.
verb (sectioned , sectioning )
1 to divide something into sections.
2 to draw a sectional plan of something.
3 surgery to cut a section through something.
4 med to have (a mentally ill person) confined in a mental hospital under the relevant section of mental health legislation.
[16c: from Latin secare to cut]

1 made in sections.
2 referring or relating to a particular section.
3 restricted to a particular group or area.
sectionalization noun .
sectionalize or sectionalise verb .
sectionally adverb .

noun a narrow-minded outlook or concern for the interests of a particular group, area, etc.
sectionalist adjective and noun .

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