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noun a cabinet which folds out to form a writing desk. Also called escritoire.
[18c: French, meaning -secretary-]

secretariat pronunciación
1 the administrative department of any council, organization or legislative body.
2 its staff or premises.
3 a secretary's office.
[19c: French, from secretary]

secretary pronunciación
noun (secretaries )
1 a person employed to perform administrative or clerical tasks for a company or individual.
2 the member of a club or society committee responsible for its correspondence and business records.
3 a senior civil servant assisting a government minister or ambassador.
[14c: from Latin secretarius person spoken to in confidence, from secretum secret]
secretarial adjective of or relating to secretaries or their work.

secretary bird
noun a large ground-dwelling African bird with grey and black plumage, long stilt-like legs and an erectile crest of black-tipped feathers hanging down behind its head.
[19c: so called because the feathers on its head resemble pens held behind the ear of a secretary]

Secretary of State
1 in the UK: a minister at the head of any of the major government departments.
2 in the US: the foreign minister.

noun (secretaries-general ) the principal administrative official in a large organization, eg the United Nations.

secrete pronunciación 1
verb (secreted , secreting ) biol , zool said of a gland or similar organ: to form and release (a substance).
[18c: a shortening of secretion]

secrete pronunciación 2
verb (secreted , secreting ) to hide away or conceal.
[18c: related to secret]

secretion pronunciación
1 the process whereby glands of the body discharge or release particular substances.
2 any of the substances produced by such glands, eg sweat, saliva, mucus, bile.
[17c: from Latin secernere , from se apart + cernere to separate]

adjective inclined to or fond of secrecy; reticent.
secretively adverb .
secretiveness noun .

adjective said of a gland, etc: involved in secretion.
[17c: related to secrete1]


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