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second pronunciación 1
1 next after or below the first, in order of sequence or importance.
2 alternate; other every second week .
3 additional; supplementary have a second cup .
4 subordinate; inferior second to none .
5 closely resembling or similar to someone of a previous period He has been heralded as the second Shakespeare .
6 in a vehicle engine: referring to the next to bottom forward gear go into second .
7 music singing or playing a part in harmony which is subordinate to or slightly lower in pitch than another part second soprano second violin .
1 someone or something next in sequence after the first; someone or something of second class.
2 a place in the second class or rank.
3 in a vehicle engine: the second gear.
4 (the second)
a the second day of the month;
b golf the second hole.
5 higher educ a second-class honours degree.
6 an assistant to a boxer or duellist.
7 music the interval between successive tones of the diatonic scale.
8 (seconds) flawed or imperfect goods sold at reduced prices.
9 (seconds) colloq a second helping of food.
10 (seconds) colloq the second course of a meal.
verb (seconded , seconding )
1 to declare formal support for (a proposal, or the person making it).
2 to give support or encouragement of any kind to someone or something.
3 to act as second to (a boxer or duellist).
adverb secondly.
[13c: from Latin secundus ]
second to none regarded as unsurpassed or exceptional.

second pronunciación 2
1 a (abbreviation sec or s) a unit of time equal to 1/60 of a minute;
b (symbol s) the SI unit of time defined in terms of the resonance vibration of the caesium-133 atom as the interval occupied by a specified number of cycles.
2 geom (symbol {second}) a unit of angular measurement equal to 1/3600 of a degree or 1/60 of a minute.
3 a moment wait a second .
[14c: from Latin secunda minuta secondary minute]

second pronunciación 3
verb (seconded , seconding ) to transfer someone temporarily to a different post, place or duty.
[Early 19c: from French en second in the second rank]

Second Advent see under Second Coming

second ballot
noun an electoral system where a second vote is taken, after the elimination of the candidate who received the fewest votes in the first ballot.

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