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seat pronunciación
1 anything designed or intended for sitting on.
2 a chair, bench, saddle, etc.
3 the part of it on which a person sits.
4 a place for sitting, eg in a cinema or theatre, especially a reservation for such a place We booked four seats for the theatre tomorrow night .
5 the buttocks.
6 the part of a garment covering the buttocks.
7 the base of an object, or any part on which it rests or fits.
8 a parliamentary or local government constituency.
9 a position on a committee or other administrative body.
10 an established centre seats of learning .
11 a place where anything is located, settled or established.
12 a large country mansion.
verb (seated , seating )
1 to place on a seat.
2 to cause to sit down.
3 to assign a seat to someone, eg at a dinner table.
4 to provide seats for (a specified number of people) My car seats five .
5 to place in any site, situation or location.
6 to fit firmly and accurately.
[13c: from Norse sæti ]
by the seat of one's pants instinctively; by intuition.
take a seat to sit down.
take one's seat to take up one's allocated place or position, especially in a parliament.

seat belt
noun a safety belt that prevents a passenger in a car, aeroplane, etc from being thrown violently forward in the event of an emergency stop, a crash, etc.

1 the provision of seats.
2 the number, allocation or arrangement of seats, eg in a dining room.
3 the fabric covering on seats.
4 mech a supporting surface for a part or fitting.

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