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seal pronunciación 1
1 a piece of wax, lead or other material, attached to a document and stamped with an official mark to show authenticity.
2 such a mark the royal seal .
3 an engraved metal stamp or ring for making such a mark eg on wax.
4 a similar piece of material, with or without an official stamp, for keeping something closed.
5 a piece of rubber or other material serving to keep a joint airtight or watertight.
6 a token or object given, or a gesture made, as a pledge or guarantee.
7 a decorative adhesive label or stamp, usually sold for charity.
8 RC Church an obligation to keep discreet all that is said in confession.
verb (sealed , sealing )
1 to fix a seal to something.
2 to fasten or stamp something with a seal.
3 to decide, settle or confirm seal someone's fate seal a business agreement .
4 (sometimes seal something up) to make it securely closed, airtight or watertight with a seal.
5 to paint (eg wood) with a substance that protects against damage, especially by the weather.
6 to close, especially permanently or for a long time.
7 (seal something off) to isolate (an area), preventing entry by unauthorized persons.
8 Aust, NZ to tarmac.
[13c: from French seel , from Latin sigillum , from signum mark]
set one's seal to something to authorize, approve or formally endorse it.

seal pronunciación 2
1 any of various marine mammals with a smooth-skinned or furry streamlined body and limbs modified to form webbed flippers.
2 sealskin.
verb (sealed , sealing ) intr to hunt seals.
[Anglo-Saxon seolh ]
sealer noun a seal hunter.

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