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screw pronunciación
1 a small metal cylinder with a spiral ridge or thread down the shaft and a slot in its head, driven into position in wood, etc by rotation using a screwdriver, usually used as a fastening device.
2 any object similar in shape or function.
3 the turn or twist of a screw.
4 snooker , billiards a shot in which the cue ball is subjected to sidespin or backspin.
5 slang a prison officer.
6 coarse slang an act of sexual intercourse; a sexual partner.
7 a screw propeller or a ship driven by one.
8 a thumbscrew.
9 colloq wages or salary.
verb (screwed , screwing )
1 to twist (a screw) into place.
2 to attach or fasten by means of a screw or screws.
3 to push or pull with a twisting action.
4 colloq to swindle or cheat.
5 (usu screw something from or out of someone) colloq to obtain it by intense persuasion or threats They tried to screw more money out of him .
6 snooker , billiards to put sidespin or backspin on (the cue ball).
7 tr & intr , coarse slang to have sexual intercourse with someone.
[15c: from French escroue , ultimately from Latin scrofa sow2, because of the resemblance between a pig's curly tail and the thread of the screw]
screwer noun .
have a screw loose colloq to be slightly crazy.
have one's head screwed on or screwed on the right way colloq to be a sensible person.
put the screws on someone colloq to use force or pressure on them
[A reference to thumbscrews, an old instrument of torture].
screw it, them, you, etc : coarse slang an exclamation of disgust, frustration, scorn, etc.
screw up slang to fail, especially through error or mismanagement You really screwed up this time .
screw someone up slang to cause them to become extremely anxious, nervous or psychologically disturbed.
screw something up slang to ruin or bungle it.

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