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screen pronunciación
1 a movable set of foldable hinged panels, used to partition off part of a room for privacy.
2 a single panel used for protection against strong heat or light, or any other outside influence.
3 a windscreen.
4 a sheltering row of trees, shrubs, etc.
5 a wire netting placed over windows for keeping out insects.
6 a coarse sifting apparatus or utensil.
7 a partition used to separate off a church choir or side chapel, usually from the nave.
8 the surface on which the images are formed in a television or computer.
9 a white surface onto which films or slides are projected.
10 (the screen) the medium of cinema or television She is a star of stage and the screen .
11 photog a glass plate with a coarse surface on which the image of a photographed object is focused.
12 printing a glass plate with dots or closely-scored lines of a given coarseness or frequency for printing half-tone photographs.
13 mil a body of troops or formation of ships positioned between the enemy and the bulk of the army or fleet as a cover or protection.
verb (screened , screening )
1 to shelter or conceal.
2 (screen something off) to separate or partition it with a screen.
3 to sift coarsely.
4 to subject someone to tests in order to discern their ability, reliability, worthiness, etc.
5 to test someone in order to check for the presence of disease.
6 to show or project (a film, programme, etc) at the cinema or on TV.
7 to make a motion picture of something.
[14c: from French escran ]
screener noun .
screening noun .

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