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score pronunciación
1 a total number of points gained or achieved eg in a game.
2 an act of gaining or achieving a point, etc.
3 a scratch or shallow cut, especially one made as a tally.
4 a bold line marking a boundary or defined position.
5 a set of twenty three score .
6 (scores) very many; lots I have scores of letters to write .
7 colloq (the score) the current situation; the essential facts What's the score with your job?
8 a written or printed copy of music for several parts, set out vertically down the page.
9 the music from a film or play.
10 (the score) a reason; grounds He was accepted on the score of suitability .
11 a grievance or grudge He has an old score to settle .
12 a record of amounts owed.
13 slang a successful attempt to obtain drugs for illegal use.
verb (scored , scoring )
1 tr & intr to gain or achieve (a point) in a game.
2 intr to keep a record of points gained during a game.
3 to make cuts or scratches in the surface of something; to mark (a line) by a shallow cut.
4 to be equivalent to (a number of points) Black king scores three .
5 music
a to break down (music) into parts for individual instruments or voices;
b to adapt (music) for instruments or voices other than those originally intended.
6 to compose music for (a film or play).
7 intr to achieve a rating; to be judged or regarded This film scores high for entertainment value .
8 intr , slang to obtain drugs for illegal use.
9 (often score with someone) slang to succeed in having sexual intercourse with them.
10 slang to achieve any kind of success.
[Anglo-Saxon scoru , from Norse skor ]
scoreless adjective .
scorer noun .
know the score to know or be aware of the facts of a situation.
on that score as regards the matter or concern.
over the score colloq beyond reasonable limits; unfair.
pay off or settle a score to repay an old grudge or debt.
score points off someone same as score off someone below.
score off someone to humiliate them for personal advantage; to get the better of them.
score something out to cancel it by drawing a line through it.

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