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science pronunciación
1 the systematic observation and classification of natural phenomena in order to learn about them and bring them under general principles and laws.
2 a department or branch of such knowledge or study, eg astronomy, genetics, chemistry.
3 any area of knowledge obtained using, or arranged according to, formal principles political science .
4 acquired skill or technique, as opposed to natural ability.
[14c: from Latin scientia knowledge, from scire to know]
sciential adjective of or relating to science; scientific.

science fiction
noun imaginative fiction presenting a view of life in the future, based on scientific and technological advances, especially incorporating space or time travel, or the existence of life on other planets. Often shortened to sci-fi.

science park
noun an industrial research centre, usually attached to a university, set up for the purpose of co-operation between the academic and commercial worlds.

scientific pronunciación
1 of or relating to, or used in, science.
2 based on science.
3 displaying the kind of approach and principles characteristic of science.
scientifically adverb .

1 the methods or attitudes of scientists.
2 the belief that methods used in natural sciences should also be applied to the study of human behaviour and condition, eg philosophy and social sciences.

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