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school pronunciación 1
1 a place or institution where education is received, especially primary or secondary education.
2 in compounds a place or institution offering instruction in a particular field or subject, often part of a university music school art school .
3 the building or room used for this purpose.
4 the work of such an institution.
5 the body of students and teachers that occupy such a place.
6 the period of the day or year during which such a place is open to students Stay behind after school .
7 N Am a university or college.
8 the disciples or adherents of a particular teacher.
9 a group of painters, writers or other artists sharing the same style, often as a result of having received instruction in the same place or from the same master.
10 any activity or set of surroundings as a provider of experience Factories are the schools of life .
11 colloq a group of people meeting regularly for some purpose, especially gambling a card school .
12 a method of instruction or tuition.
13 (schools) at Oxford University: the BA examinations.
verb (schooled , schooling )
1 to educate in a school.
2 to give training or instruction of a particular kind to.
3 to discipline.
[Anglo-Saxon scol , from Latin schola , from Greek schole leisure or lecture-place]

school pronunciación 2
noun a group of fish, whales or other marine animals swimming together.
verb (schooled , schooling ) intr to gather into or move about in a school.
[15c: Dutch]

school year
noun the period of generally continual teaching through the year, usually divided into three terms, during which the pupil or student remains in the same class or classes.

noun a young person leaving school because they have completed the course of education.

noun a child, a schoolboy or schoolgirl, who attends a school.

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