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abbreviation Scottish Certificate of Education.

noun (pl scene ) in opera: an elaborate and dramatic recitative followed by an aria.
[19c: Italian, from Latin scena stage]

noun (scenarios )
1 a rough outline of a dramatic work, film, etc; a synopsis.
2 cinematog a detailed script.
3 any hypothetical situation or sequence of events.
[19c: Italian, from Latin scena stage]

scene pronunciación 1
1 the setting in which a real or imaginary event takes place.
2 the representation of action on the stage.
3 a division of a play, indicated by the fall of the curtain, a change of place or the entry or exit of an important character.
4 a unit of action in a book or film.
5 any of the pieces making up a stage or film set, or the set as a whole.
6 a landscape, situation or picture of a place or action as seen by someone A delightful scene met their eyes .
7 an embarrassing and unseemly display of emotion in public make a scene .
8 colloq the publicity, action, etc surrounding a particular activity or profession the current music scene .
9 colloq a liked or preferred area of interest or activity Rock concerts are just not my scene .
10 colloq a situation or state of affairs That's the scene in Europe at the moment .
[16c: from Latin scena , from Greek skene tent or stage]
behind the scenes
1 out of sight of the audience; backstage.
2 unknown to the public; in private.
set the scene to describe the background to an event.

scene pronunciación 2 plural of scena

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