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scar pronunciación 1
1 a mark left on the skin after a sore or wound has healed.
2 any permanent damaging emotional effect.
3 any mark or blemish.
4 a mark on a plant where a leaf was formerly attached.
verb (scarred , scarring ) to mark or become marked with a scar.
[14c: from French escare , from Greek eschara a burn or scab]

scar pronunciación 2 or scaur
noun a steep rocky outcrop or crag on the side of a hill or mountain; a cliff.
[14c: from Norse sker low reef]

1 any of various dung-beetles which were regarded as sacred by the ancient Egyptians.
2 an image or carving of a beetle, or a gemstone carved in its shape.
[16c: from Latin scarabaeus ]

noun any beetle of the large family which includes dung-beetles.
adjective belonging or relating to this family.
[19c: from Latin scarabaeidae ]

scarce pronunciación
1 not often found; rare.
2 in short supply.
adverb scarcely; hardly ever We could scarce see it through the mist .
[13c: from French eschars niggardly, from Latin excerptus past participle of excerpere , from ex out + carpere to pick]
scarceness noun .
make oneself scarce colloq to leave quickly, often for reasons of prudence, tact, etc.

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