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scale pronunciación 1
1 a series of markings or divisions at regular intervals, for use in measuring.
2 a system of such markings or divisions.
3 a measuring device with such markings.
4 the relationship between actual size and the size as represented on a model or drawing.
5 music
a a sequence of definite notes;
b (usu scales) a succession of these notes performed in ascending or descending order of pitch through one or more octaves.
6 music the range of a voice or instrument.
7 any graded system, eg of employees' salaries.
8 maths a numeral system logarithmic scale .
9 extent or level relative to others on a grand scale .
as adjective scale model .
verb (scaled , scaling )
1 to climb.
2 (also scale up and scale down) to change the size of something according to scale, making it either bigger or smaller than the original.
[15c: from Latin scala ladder, from scandere to mount]
on a large, small, etc scale in a great, small, etc way.
on the or a scale of
1 in the ratio of on the scale of one to one hundred .
2 (on a scale of) measuring between How would you rate his performance on a scale of one to ten?
to scale in proportion to the actual dimensions.

scale pronunciación 2
1 any of the small thin plates that provide a protective covering on the skin of fish, reptiles, etc.
2 bot a reduced leaf or leaf-base, often membranous or hard and woody.
3 any readily or easily detached flake.
4 a thin plate or lamina.
5 biol a small flat detachable flake of cuticle.
6 biol one of many small flat structures covering and protecting the wings of moths, butterflies, etc.
7 tartar on the teeth.
8 a crusty white deposit formed when hard water is heated, especially in kettles.
9 a film formed eg as on iron being heated for forging.
verb (scaled , scaling )
1 to clear something of scales.
2 to remove in thin layers.
3 intr to come off in thin layers or flakes.
4 intr to become encrusted with scale.
[14c: from French escale husk]
scaled adjective .
scaleless adjective .
scalelike adjective .

scale pronunciación 3
1 (scales) a device for weighing.
2 a pan of a balance.
3 (the Scales) astron , astrol same as Libra.
verb (scaled , scaling ) to weigh or weigh up.
[13c: from Norse skal pan of a balance]
tip the scales see under tip4.

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