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say pronunciación
verb (says , said , saying )
1 to speak, utter or articulate He said he would come .
2 to express (not necessarily in words); convey What is the artist trying to say in this painting?
3 to assert or declare; to state as an opinion I say we should give it a try .
4 to suppose Say he doesn't come, what do we do then?
5 to recite or repeat say your prayers say a blessing .
6 to judge or decide It's difficult to say which is best .
7 to indicate The clock says 10 o'clock .
8 to report or claim Elvis Presley is said by some to be still alive .
9 tr & intr to make a statement; to tell I'd rather not say .
1 a chance to express an opinion You've had your say .
2 the right to an opinion; the power to influence a decision to have no say in the matter .
interjection , N Am
1 an expression of surprise, protest or sudden joy.
2 a way of attracting attention.
[Anglo-Saxon secgan ]
sayer noun .
I'll say! colloq an expression of wholehearted agreement.
I say! esp Brit an exclamation used for attracting attention, or expressing surprise, protest or sudden joy.
it goes without saying it is obvious.
it is said or they say it is commonly reputed or believed They say that he killed his wife It is said to be a fake .
nothing to say for oneself
1 unable to defend oneself or to justify one's actions.
2 unable to make small talk.
not to say indeed; one might even go further and say Train fares are expensive, not to say extortionate .
says you! colloq expressing incredulity or disbelief.
say the word to give the signal or go-ahead If you want me to go with you, just say the word .
that is to say in other words.
there's no saying it is impossible to guess or judge There's no saying how long she'll take to recover .
to say nothing of something not to mention it He wastes all his money on alcohol, to say nothing of all those cigarettes .
to say the least at least; without exaggeration She is, to say the least, a rather irresponsible person .
what do you say to? would you like? how about? What do you say to a mug of hot chocolate?
you can say that again! colloq You are absolutely right! I agree wholeheartedly!

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