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same pronunciación
1 identical or very similar This is the same film we saw last week .
2 used as emphasis He went home the very same day .
3 unchanged or unvaried This town is still the same as ever .
4 previously mentioned; the actual one in question this same man .
pronoun (the same) the same person or thing, or the one previously referred to She drank whisky, and I drank the same .
adverb (the same)
1 similarly; likewise I feel the same .
2 colloq equally We love each of you the same .
[12c: from Norse samr ]
sameness noun
1 being the same.
2 tedious monotony.
all or just the same nevertheless; anyhow.
at the same time still; however; on the other hand.
be all the same to someone to make no difference to them; to be of little or no importance.
much the same not very different; virtually unchanged.
same here colloq an expression of agreement or involvement.

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