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salt marsh
noun an area of land which is liable to be flooded with salt water.

salt pan
1 a natural land depression in which salt accumulates or is accumulated by evaporation of salt water.
2 a large basin for obtaining salt by evaporation of salt water.

saltation ,
1 a leaping or jumping.
2 genetics a sudden mutation or variation in a species.
3 geol the movement of a particle being transported by wind or water, resembling a series of leaps.
[17c: Latin, from saltare to jump around]
saltatorial , saltatorious or saltatory adjective
1 leaping or jumping.
2 biol displaying genetic saltation.

noun any shrubby plant of the goosefoot family, growing in arid regions.

1 a container holding salt when used as a condiment.
2 anat a depression behind the collarbone.

salted pronunciación
1 cured or preserved in salt.
2 containing salt.

noun (saltimboccas ) Italian cookery a dish of veal and ham rolled together with herbs and sometimes cheese.
[1930s: Italian, literally -it jumps in the mouth-]

salting pronunciación
1 the act of preserving, seasoning, etc food with salt.
2 (saltings) a meadow flooded by the tides.

saltire or saltier ,
1 a heraldic design or ordinary in the form of a St Andrew's cross.
2 loosely the national flag of Scotland, a white St Andrew's cross on a blue background.
[14c: from French saultoir or sautoir , from Latin saltatorium a stirrup]

saltpetre pronunciación or (US) saltpeter ,
noun potassium nitrate.
[16c: from Latin salpetra salt of rock]

noun (saltuses ) a breach of continuity, especially a jump to a conclusion.
[17c: Latin, meaning -a leap-]

singular noun a building or site, etc where salt is produced.

noun a fleshy prickly plant of the goosefoot family which inhabits sandy seashores and salt marshes.
[16c: translation of Dutch zoutkruid ]

salty pronunciación
adjective (saltier , saltiest )
1 containing salt.
2 tasting strongly or excessively of salt.
3 said of humour: sharp or witty; spirited.
saltiness noun .


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