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sail pronunciación
1 a sheet of canvas, or similar structure, spread to catch the wind as a means of propelling a ship.
2 a framework of slats which drives a windmill by catching the wind.
3 sails collectively.
4 a trip in a boat or ship with or without sails.
5 a voyage of a specified distance travelled by boat or ship.
6 (pl usu sail , especially after a number) naut a ship with sails thirty sail .
verb (sailed , sailing )
1 tr & intr to travel by (boat or ship) sail the Pacific .
2 to control (a boat or ship) He sailed his ship around the world .
3 intr to depart by boat or ship We sail at two-thirty .
4 to cause (a toy boat, etc) to sail.
5 intr (sail through something) colloq to succeed in it effortlessly She sailed through all her exams .
[Anglo-Saxon segel ]
sailable adjective navigable.
sailed adjective having sails.
sailless adjective .
full sail with all sails raised and filled with the wind.
make sail
1 to raise more sail.
2 to set off on a voyage.
put on sail to set more sails in order to travel more quickly.
sail close to or near the wind
1 naut to keep the boat's bow as close as possible to the direction from which the wind is blowing so that the sails catch as much wind as is safely possible.
2 to come dangerously close to overstepping a limit, eg of good taste or decency.
set sail
1 to begin a journey by boat or ship.
2 to spread the sails.
shorten sail to reduce the open extent of a sail.
strike sail to lower a sail or sails.
under sail
1 having the sails raised and spread.
2 propelled by sails.

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