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safe seat
noun a parliamentary seat which will almost certainly be retained at an election by the same party that currently holds it.

safe sex
noun sexual intercourse or activity in which the transmission of disease is guarded against, eg by the use of a condom.

safe-breaker or safe-cracker
noun someone who illegally opens safes to steal the contents.

noun an official permit to pass or travel, especially in wartime, with guarantee of freedom from interference or arrest.

safe-deposit or safety-deposit
noun a vault, eg in a bank, in which money and valuables can be locked away.

safeguard pronunciación
1 a person, device or arrangement giving protection against danger or harm.
2 a safe-conduct.
verb to protect from harm; to ensure the safety of someone or something.

noun care and protection; safe custody.

safety pronunciación
noun (safeties )
1 the state or fact of being safe.
2 a safety catch.
[13c: from French sauveté , from Latin salvus safe]
there is safety in numbers it is safer to do something risky when there is a larger group of people.

safety belt
1 in vehicles: a belt securing a driver or passenger to their seat as a precaution against injury in a crash.
2 a strap or belt attaching a workman, etc to a fixed object while carrying out a dangerous operation.

safety catch
noun any catch to provide protection against something, eg the accidental firing of a gun.

safety curtain
noun a fireproof curtain between the stage and audience in a theatre.

safety factor
noun , mech & engineering the ratio between the breaking stress in a material or structure, and the safe permissible stress in it.

safety glass
1 a laminate of plastic between sheets of glass used eg in windscreens.
2 glass that is strengthened to avoid shattering, eg by reinforcing it with wire.

safety lamp
noun a miner's lamp designed to prevent ignition of any flammable gases. Also called Davy lamp.

safety match
noun a match that only ignites when struck on a specially prepared surface.

safety net
1 a large net stretched beneath acrobats, tightrope walkers, etc in case they accidentally fall.
2 any precautionary measure or means of protecting against loss or failure.

safety pin
noun a U-shaped pin with an attached guard to cover the point.

safety razor
noun a shaving razor with the blade protected by a guard to prevent deep cutting of the skin.

safety valve
1 a valve in a boiler or pipe system that opens when the pressure exceeds a certain level.
2 an outlet for harmlessly releasing emotion, eg anger or frustration.

safety-deposit see safe-deposit


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