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SAD pronunciación
abbreviation , psychol seasonal affective disorder.

sad pronunciación
adjective (sadder , saddest )
1 feeling unhappy or sorrowful.
2 causing unhappiness sad news .
3 expressing or suggesting unhappiness sad music .
4 very bad; deplorable a sad state .
5 colloq lacking in taste; inspiring ridicule sad taste in music .
[Anglo-Saxon sæd weary]
sadly adverb
1 in a sad manner.
2 unfortunately; sad to relate.
sadness noun .

sadden pronunciación
verb (saddened , saddening )
1 to make sad.
2 intr to become sad.

saddhu see sadhu

saddle pronunciación
1 a leather seat for horseriding, which fits on the horse's back and is secured under its belly.
2 a fixed seat on a bicycle or motorcycle.
3 a pad on the back of a draught animal, used for supporting the load.
4 the part of the back of an animal on which a saddle is placed.
5 a butcher's cut of meat including part of the backbone with the ribs.
6 the rear part of a male fowl's back extending towards the tail.
7 a mountain col or ridge between two peaks.
8 civil eng in a structure, eg a bridge: a support with a groove shaped in a certain way to hold another part.
verb (saddled , saddling )
1 to put a saddle on (an animal).
2 intr to climb into a saddle.
3 to burden someone with a problem, duty, etc He was saddled with the responsibility .
4 said of a trainer: to be responsible for preparing and entering (a racehorse) for a race.
5 to ride (a horse, bicycle, etc).
[Anglo-Saxon sadol ]
saddleless adjective .
in the saddle
1 on horseback.
2 in a position of power or control.

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