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rush pronunciación 1
verb (rushed , rushing )
1 intr to hurry; to move forward or go quickly.
2 to hurry someone or something forward; to make them or it go quickly.
3 to send, transport, etc someone or something quickly and urgently rushed her to hospital .
4 to perform or deal with something too quickly or hurriedly.
5 intr to come, flow, spread, etc quickly and suddenly colour rushed to her cheeks .
6 to attack someone or something suddenly.
7 (usu rush into something) to begin or enter into a course of action, an agreement, etc too hastily and often without giving it enough consideration.
8 to force someone to act or do something more quickly than they want to don't rush me .
9 slang to cheat someone by charging them an excessive amount for something.
noun (rushes )
1 a sudden quick movement, especially forwards.
2 a sudden general movement or migration of people, usually towards a single goal a gold rush .
3 a sound or sensation of rushing.
4 haste; hurry be in a dreadful rush .
5 a period of great activity.
6 a sudden demand for a commodity.
7 slang a feeling of euphoria after taking a drug.
8 American football an attempt to carry the ball through a line of defenders.
adjective done, or needing to be done, quickly a rush job .
[14c: from French ruser to put to flight, from Latin recusare to push back]
be rushed off one's feet to be frantically busy.
rush one's fences to act too hastily.

También tienes: RUS
rush pronunciación 2
noun (rushes )
1 bot a densely tufted annual or evergreen perennial plant, typically found in cold wet regions of the northern hemisphere, usually on moors or marshy ground.
2 a stalk or stalklike leaf of this plant, often used as a material for making baskets, covering floors, etc.
3 loosely any of various plants more or less similar to the rush.
4 colloq old use something of very little value or importance ( esp not care or be worth a rush).
[Anglo-Saxon risc ]
rushy adjective .

También tienes: RUS
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