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run pronunciación
verb (ran , run , running )
1 intr said of a person or an animal: to move at a pace quicker than walking.
2 to cover (a specified distance, etc) by running run the marathon .
3 to perform (an action) as if by running run an errand .
4 intr said especially of a vehicle: to move quickly and easily over a surface on, or as if on, wheels.
5 intr to flee; to run away.
6 tr & intr to move or make something move in a specified way or direction or with a specified result run the car up the ramp let the dog run free run him out of town .
7 tr & intr (usu run or run something along, over, through, etc ) to move or cause it to move or pass quickly, lightly or freely in the specified direction run your eyes over the latest report Excitement ran through the audience .
8 intr to race or finish a race in a specified position.
9 to enter (a contestant) in a race or as a candidate for office.
10 intr , chiefly N Am to stand as a candidate in an election is running for governor .
11 intr said of water, etc: to flow rivers running to the sea .
12 to make or allow (liquid) to flow run cold water into the bath .
13 intr said of the nose or eyes: to discharge liquid or mucus.
14 said of wax, etc: to melt and flow.
15 tr & intr said of a tap, container, etc: to give out or make it give out liquid run the tap leave the tap running .
16 to fill (a bath) with water run a hot bath .
17 metallurgy
a tr & intr to melt or fuse;
b to form (molten metal) into bars, etc; to cast.
18 tr & intr to come to a specified state or condition by, or as if by, flowing or running run dry run short of time her blood ran cold .
19 to be full of or flow with something.
20 a tr & intr said of machines, etc: to operate or function The presses ran all night ;
b comput to execute (a program).
21 intr (run on something) said of a vehicle: to use (a specified fuel).
22 to organize, manage or be in control of something runs her own business .
23 intr (often run over, round or up, etc ) to make a brief trip or casual visit to a place, etc run up to town for the afternoon .
24 tr & intr said especially of public transport, etc: to travel or make (a vehicle) travel on a regular route a train running between Paris and Nice run an extra train .
25 tr & intr to continue or make something continue or extend in a specified direction, for a specified time or distance, or over a specified range a road running south colours running from pink to deep red The play ran for ten years .
26 intr , law to continue to have legal force a lease with a year still to run .
27 colloq to drive someone in a vehicle, usually to a specified place run you to the station .
28 intr to spread or diffuse The colour in his shirt ran .
29 intr said of news, information, etc: to spread or circulate quickly The rumour ran through the office .
30 intr said of a piece of writing or written material: to be worded The report runs as follows .
31 to be affected by or subjected to, or to be likely to be affected by, something run a high temperature run risks .
32 intr said of a physical feature, a quality, etc: to be inherent or recur frequently, especially within a family blue eyes run in the family .
33 to own, drive and maintain (a vehicle).
34 to publish run the story in the magazine .
35 TV , radio to show or broadcast (a programme, film, etc) run a repeat of the series .
36 intr said of a broadcast, play, exhibition, etc: to be shown, presented, etc.
37 intr
a said of stitches: to come undone;
b said of a garment, eg a pair of tights: to have some of its stitches come undone and form a ladder.
38 to set (cattle, etc) loose in a field or other area to graze run cattle in the valley .
39 to hunt or track down (an animal) ran the fox to ground .
40 to get past or through an obstacle, etc run a blockade .
41 to smuggle or deal illegally in something run guns .
42 intr said of fish: to migrate upstream, especially to spawn.
43 cricket to score a run by, or as if by, running.
1 an act of running.
2 the distance covered or time taken up by an act of running.
3 a rapid pace quicker than a walk break into a run .
4 a manner of running.
5 a mark, streak, etc made by the flowing of some liquid, eg paint.
6 a trip in a vehicle, especially one taken for pleasure a run to the seaside .
7 a continuous and unbroken period or series of something a run of bad luck The play had a run of six weeks .
8 freedom to move about or come and go as one pleases have the run of the house .
9 (usu a run on something) a high or urgent demand for (a currency, money, a commodity, etc) a run on the pound .
10 a route which is regularly travelled, eg by public transport, or as a delivery round, etc a coach on the London to Glasgow run .
11 a ladder ( noun 2).
12 the average type or class of something the usual run of new students .
13 (the runs) colloq diarrhoea.
14 the length of time for which a machine, etc functions or is operated.
15 the quantity produced in a single period of production a print run .
16 music a rapid scalelike passage of notes.
17 mil (also bombing run) a flight, often a relatively short one and at a constant speed, made by an aircraft before and while dropping bombs at a target.
18 cards three or more playing-cards in a series or sequence.
19 an inclined course, especially one covered with snow, used for skiing.
20 chiefly US a small stream.
21 cricket a point scored, usually by a batsman running from one wicket to the other.
22 a unit of scoring in baseball made by the batter successfully completing a circuit of four bases.
23 golf the distance a ball rolls after hitting the ground.
24 Aust, NZ a tract of land used for raising stock.
25 (often in compounds ) an enclosure or pen for domestic fowls or animals a chicken-run .
26 a shoal of migrating fish.
27 a track used regularly by wild animals.
28 comput the complete execution of a program. See also trial run.
[Anglo-Saxon rinnan ]
a (good) run for one's money colloq
1 fierce competition.
2 enjoyment from an activity.
on the run fleeing, especially from the police.
run for it colloq to try to escape.
run high said of feelings, emotions, etc: to be very strong.
run off one's feet Brit colloq extremely busy.
run someone ragged to wear them out.
run scared colloq to be frightened.
run across or into someone to meet them unexpectedly.
run after someone or something to chase them or it.
run along colloq
1 patronizing (often as an imperative) to go away.
2 to leave I'd better run along or I'll be late .
run away to escape or flee.
run away with someone
1 to elope with them.
2 said of a horse: to gallop off uncontrollably with someone on its back.
run away with something
1 to steal it.
2 said of someone: to be overenthusiastic about or carried away by (an idea, etc).
3 to win a (competition, etc) comfortably.
run something by or past someone to mention (a plan, idea, etc) to them in order to learn their opinion on it.
run down said of a clock, battery, etc: to cease to work because of a gradual loss of power.
run someone or something down
1 said of a vehicle or its driver: to knock them or it to the ground.
2 to speak badly of them or it, usually without good reason.
3 to chase or search for them or it until they are found or captured. See also run down.
run something down to allow (eg an operation or business) to be gradually reduced or closed.
run something in old use to run (a new car or engine) gently to prevent damage to the engine.
run someone in colloq
1 to arrest them.
2 to give them a lift in a car, etc for a short distance, especially to a regular destination.
run into someone colloq to meet them unexpectedly.
run into someone or something to collide with them or it.
run into something
1 to suffer from or be beset by (a problem, difficulty, etc) Our plans quickly ran into problems .
2 to reach as far as (an amount or quantity) His debts run into hundreds .
run something off
1 to produce, especially printed material, quickly or promptly.
2 to decide a tied contest with a further round.
run off with someone to elope with them.
run off with something
1 to steal it.
2 to win (a competition, etc) comfortably.
run on
1 to talk at length or incessantly.
2 printing to continue in the same line without starting a new paragraph.
run out said of a supply: to come to an end; to be used up.
run out of something to use up a supply of it run out of money .
run someone out
1 cricket to put out (a batsman running towards a wicket) by hitting that wicket with the ball before the batsman reaches the crease.
2 chiefly N Am colloq to force them to leave run them out of town .
run out on someone colloq to abandon or desert them.
run over
1 to overflow.
2 to go beyond (a limit, etc).
run over or through something to read or perform a piece of music, a script, etc quickly, especially for practice or as a rehearsal.
run someone or something over said of a vehicle or driver: to knock them or it down and injure or kill them reversed and ran the cat over .
run through something to use up (money, resources, etc) quickly and recklessly.
run someone through to pierce them with a sword or similar weapon.
run to something
1 to have enough money for it We can't run to a holiday this year .
2 said of money, resources, etc: to be sufficient for particular needs.
3 said of a text: to extend to (a specified extent).
4 to develop relatively quickly in (a specified direction); to tend towards it run to fat .
run something up
1 to make (a piece of clothing, etc) quickly or promptly.
2 to amass or accumulate (bills, debts, etc).
3 to hoist (a flag).
run up against someone or something to be faced with (a challenging opponent or difficulty).

run down
1 said of a person: tired or exhausted; in weakened health.
2 said of a building: shabby; dilapidated.
noun (usu rundown)
1 a gradual reduction in numbers, size, etc.
2 a brief statement of the main points or items; a summary.

run time
noun , comput the time during which a computer program is executed.

1 an approach.
2 colloq a quarrel or argument.

adjective ordinary; average; not special.

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