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round window
noun , anat in vertebrates: the lower of the two membrane-covered openings between the middle ear and the inner ear. Technical equivalent fenestra rotunda.

round-arm or roundarm
1 cricket
a said of a bowling action: performed with a nearly horizontal outward swing of the arm;
b said of a bowler: using such a bowling action.
2 said of a punch or blow, etc: given with an outward swing of the arm.
adverb with a round-arm action.

adjective said of a person: with stooping shoulders and a back which bends forward slightly at the top.

adjective lasting through the day and night round-the-clock surveillance .
adverb (round the clock) all day and all night; for twenty-four hours.

1 a gathering together of animals, especially all the cattle on a ranch.
2 a gathering together of people wanted by the police.
3 a summary or résumé of facts a round-up of the news . See also round up at round.

1 Brit a circular road junction, usually with an island in the middle, where several roads meet, and around which traffic must travel in the same direction.
2 Brit a merry-go-round.
adjective not direct; circuitous a roundabout way of explaining something .

1 a small circular window or design.
2 a coloured, round identification disc on the wing of a military aircraft.
[13c: from French rondel a little circle]

noun , music
a a simple song with a refrain;
b a piece of music for such a song.
[16c: from French rondelet , from rondel a little circle]

noun a team game similar to baseball, in which each team bats in turn while the other team bowls and fields and a batter scores a run if they successfully run round a square course in one go.

noun a style of hand-writing in which the letters are well rounded and free.

noun in the English Civil War (1642?9): a supporter of the parliamentary party against Charles I.
[17c: so called because of the Puritan custom of wearing closely-cut hair]

1 N Am an engine shed with a turntable.
2 orig US, boxing slang a wild swinging punch or style of punching.
3 naut a cabin on the after part of the quarterdeck, especially of a sailing ship.
4 archaeol a circular structure, eg a domestic buiding, especially one dating from the Bronze Age or Iron Age.

noun , zool an invertebrate animal with a long slender unsegmented body, mostly parasitic within humans and animals.


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