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round pronunciación
1 shaped like, or approximately like, a circle or a ball.
2 not angular; with a curved outline.
3 said of a body or part of a body: curved and plump a round face .
4 moving in or forming a circle.
5 said of numbers: complete and exact a round dozen .
6 said of a number: without a fraction.
7 said of a number: approximate; without taking minor amounts into account.
8 said of a sum of money: considerable; substantial.
9 said of a character in a story: fully and realistically developed.
10 plain-spoken; candid.
11 said of a vowel: pronounced with the lips forming a circle.
12 said of a sound: smooth; sonorous.
13 said of a pace: brisk; vigorous.
1 in a circular direction or with a circular or revolving movement.
2 in or to the opposite direction, position or opinion win someone round .
3 in, by or along a circuitous or indirect route.
4 on all sides so as to surround gather round .
5 from one person to another successively pass it round .
6 in rotation, so as to return to the starting point wait until spring comes round .
7 from place to place drive round for a while .
8 in circumference measures six feet round .
9 to a particular place, especially someone's home come round for supper .
1 on all sides of so as to surround or enclose.
2 so as to move or revolve around a centre or axis and return to the starting point run round the field .
3 colloq having as a central point or basis a story built round her experiences .
4 from place to place in We went round the town shopping .
5 in all or various directions from somewhere; close to it.
6 so as to pass, or having passed, in a curved course drive round the corner .
1 something round, and often flat, in shape.
2 a movement in a circle;
b a complete revolution round a circuit or path.
3 a single slice of bread.
4 a sandwich, or two or more sandwiches, made from two slices of bread.
5 a cut of beef across the thigh bone of an animal.
6 golf the playing of all 18 holes on a course in a single session.
7 one of a recurring series of events, actions, etc; a session a round of talks .
8 a series of regular activities; a daily routine the daily round .
9 a regular route followed, especially for the sale or delivery of goods a milk round .
10 (usu rounds) a sequence of visits, usually a regular one, made by a doctor to patients, either in a hospital or their homes.
11 a stage in a competition through to the second round .
12 a single turn by every member of a group of people playing a game, eg in a card game.
13 a single period of play, competition, etc in a group of such periods, eg in boxing, wrestling, etc.
14 a burst of applause or cheering.
15 a single bullet or charge of ammunition.
16 a number of drinks bought at the same time for all the members of a group.
17 music an unaccompanied song in which different people all sing the same part continuously but start, and therefore end, at different times.
18 a sequence in which each bell in a set or peal is rung once.
verb (rounded , rounding )
a to make something round;
b intr to become round.
2 to go round something The car rounded the corner .
3 to pronounce (a sound) with rounded lips.
[13c: from French ront , from Latin rotundus , from rota a wheel]
rounded adjective
1 curved; not angular.
2 complete; fully developed.
3 said of a sound or vowel: pronounced with the lips rounded.
rounder noun
1 someone or something that rounds.
2 in the game of rounders: a complete circuit.
roundish adjective .
roundly adverb
a in a round way;
b so as to be round.
2 frankly; bluntly.
roundness noun .
go or make the rounds said of news, information, etc:
1 to be passed round from person to person; to circulate.
2 to patrol.
in the round
1 with all details shown or considered.
2 theat with the audience seated on at least three, and often four, sides of the stage.
round about
1 on all sides; in a ring surrounding.
2 the other way about.
3 approximately round about four o'clock .
round the clock see round-the-clock.
round something down to lower (a number) to the nearest convenient figure so that it can be expressed as a round number round 15.47 down to 15 .
round something off
1 to make its corners, angles, etc smooth.
2 to complete it successfully and pleasantly round off the meal with a glass of brandy .
round on someone
1 to turn on or attack them.
2 to reply angrily to them, or attack them verbally.
round something up
1 to raise (a number) to the nearest convenient figure so that it can be expressed as a round number round 15.89 up to 16 .
2 to collect (wanted people, or things such as livestock or facts) together. See also round-up.

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