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rose pronunciación 1
1 a thorny shrub that produces large, often fragrant, flowers which may be red, pink, yellow, orange or white, or some combination of these colours, followed by bright-coloured fleshy fruits known as hips.
2 the flower of this plant.
3 a rose as the national emblem of England.
4 any flowering plant that superficially resembles a rose, eg the Christmas rose.
5 the colour of a rose, usually a darkish pink.
6 (roses) a light-pink, glowing complexion put the roses back in one's cheeks .
7 a perforated nozzle, usually attached to the end of a hose, watering can, shower-head, etc, that makes the water come out in a spray.
8 a circular fitting in a ceiling through which an electric light flex hangs. Also called ceiling rose.
9 a circular moulding from which a door handle projects.
10 a rose-like design, eg round the sound hole of a guitar or lute, etc.
11 a rose diamond.
12 a rose window.
13 a rosette.
adjective relating to or like a rose or roses, especially in colour, scent or form.
[Anglo-Saxon, from Latin rosa , probably from rhodon rose]
roselike adjective .
all roses or roses all the way pleasant or happy; free from problems or difficulties.
bed of roses an easy or comfortable situation.
under the rose in confidence; privately. Also called sub rosa.

rose pronunciación 2 past tense of rise

rosé pronunciación
noun (rosés ) a light-pink wine made by removing the skins of black grapes after fermentation has begun, or, sometimes, by mixing red and white wines.
[19c: French, literally -pink-]

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