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root pronunciación 1
1 a bot in vascular plants: the descending structure, lacking leaves and chlorophyll, that usually grows beneath the soil surface, and whose function is to anchor the plant in the soil and to absorb water and mineral nutrients;
b loosely any of the branches of this structure;
c a growing plant with its root.
2 the part by which anything is attached to or embedded in something larger.
3 anat the embedded part of eg a tooth, hair, nail or similar structure.
4 the basic cause, source or origin of something the root of the problem .
5 (roots)
a someone's ancestry or family origins;
b someone's feeling of belonging, eg ethnically, culturally, etc, to a community or in a certain place go back to one's roots .
6 linguistics the basic element in a word which remains after all affixes have been removed, and which may form the basis of a number of related words.
7 maths a factor of a quantity that, when multiplied by itself a specified number of times, produces that quantity, eg 2 is the square root of 4 and the cube root of 8.
8 maths in an algebraic equation: any value of an unknown quantity for which the equation is true.
9 music in harmony: the fundamental note on which a chord is built.
10 Aust & NZ coarse slang an act of sexual intercourse or a sexual partner.
as adjective root vegetables the root cause .
verb (rooted , rooting )
1 intr to grow roots.
2 intr to become firmly established.
3 (usu root something up or out) to dig it up by the roots.
4 to fix something with or as if with roots.
5 to provide something with roots.
6 tr & intr , Aust & NZ coarse slang to have sexual intercourse with someone.
[Anglo-Saxon rot ]
rootless adjective
1 with no roots.
2 with no fixed home; wandering.
rootlike adjective .
get to the root of something to find its underlying cause.
root and branch thoroughly; completely.
take or strike root
1 to grow roots.
2 to become firmly established.
root something out to remove or destroy it completely.

root pronunciación 2
verb (rooted , rooting )
1 intr said especially of pigs: to dig up the earth with the snout in search of food.
2 intr (usu root around or about) colloq to look for something by poking about; to rummage.
3 (usu root something out or up) to find or extract it by rummaging.
[Anglo-Saxon wrotan , from wrot snout]
rooter noun .

root pronunciación 3
verb (rooted , rooting ) intr (always root for someone) orig N Am colloq to support them with loud cheering and encouragement.

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