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romantic pronunciación
1 characterized by or inclined towards sentimental and idealized love.
2 dealing with or suggesting adventure, mystery and sentimentalized love romantic fiction .
3 highly impractical or imaginative, and often also foolish.
4 (often Romantic) said of literature, art, music, etc: relating to or in the style of romanticism.
1 someone who has a romantic, idealized, impractical or sentimental view of love, etc.
2 (often Romantic)
a a poet, writer, artist, composer, etc of the romantic period;
b someone whose main influence or inspiration is the romantic period in the arts.
[17c: from French romanz romance]
romantically adverb .

romantic period
noun the era from the late 18c to the early 19c when romanticism flourished.

romanticism pronunciación or Romanticism
noun a late 18c and early 19c movement in art, literature and music, characterized by an emphasis on feelings and emotions, often using imagery taken from nature, and creating forms which are relatively free from rules and set orders.
romanticist noun .

romanticize or romanticise
verb (romanticized , romanticizing )
1 to make something seem romantic.
2 tr & intr to describe, think of or interpret something in a romantic, idealized, unrealistic and sometimes misleading way.
3 intr to hold romantic ideas or act in a romantic way.
romanticization noun .

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