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rock pronunciación 1
1 geol a loose or consolidated mass of one or more minerals that forms part of the Earth's crust, eg granite, limestone, etc.
2 a large natural mass of this material forming a reef, tor, etc.
3 a large stone or boulder.
4 N Am, Aust a stone or pebble.
5 someone or something that provides a firm foundation or support and can be depended upon.
6 colloq (often rocks) a cause or source of difficulty, danger or disaster.
7 Brit a hard sweet usually made in the form of long, cylindrical sticks.
8 slang a precious stone, especially a diamond.
9 (rocks) coarse slang the testicles.
10 slang
a the drug crack;
b a small piece of crack.
[14c: from French rocque ]
between a rock and a hard place in a position where one has to choose between two equally undesirable alternatives.
get one's rocks off
1 coarse slang to achieve sexual gratification, especially to ejaculate.
2 colloq to derive pleasure or excitement.
on the rocks colloq
1 said of a marriage: broken down; failed.
2 said of an alcoholic drink: served with ice cubes.
3 said of a business or firm: in a state of great financial difficulty.

rock pronunciación 2
verb (rocked , rocking )
1 tr & intr to sway or make something sway gently backwards and forwards or from side to side rock the baby to sleep .
2 tr & intr to move or make something move or shake violently.
3 colloq to disturb, upset or shock The news rocked the sporting world .
4 intr to dance to or play rock music.
5 intr , slang to be highly enjoyable, exciting or admirable This movie really rocks!
1 a rocking movement.
2 (also rock music) a form of popular music with a very strong beat, usually played on electronic instruments and derived from rock and roll.
3 rock and roll.
[Anglo-Saxon roccian ]
rocker and rocky see separate entries.
rock the boat see under boat.

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