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rise pronunciación
verb (rose , risen , rising ) intr
1 to get or stand up, especially from a sitting, kneeling or lying position.
2 to get up from bed, especially after a night's sleep They always rise at seven .
3 to move upwards; to ascend.
4 to increase in size, amount, volume, strength, degree, intensity, etc sales have risen The wind rose at night .
5 said of the sun, moon, planets, etc: to appear above the horizon.
6 to stretch or slope upwards ground which rises gently .
7 (usu rise up or rise against someone or something) to rebel.
8 to move from a lower position, rank, level, etc to a higher one.
9 to begin or originate a river that rises in the mountains .
10 said especially of a person's spirits: to become more cheerful.
11 said of an animal's fur, a person's hair, etc: to become straight and stiff, especially from fear or anger.
12 said of a committee, court, parliament, etc: to finish a session; to adjourn.
13 to come back to life; to be resurrected rose from the dead .
14 said of fish: to come to the surface of the water.
15 said of birds: to fly up from the ground, etc The geese all rose from the lake .
16 said of dough, a cake, etc: to swell up; increase in volume.
17 to be built new office blocks rising all over town .
18 (usu rise to something) to respond to something, especially provocation or criticism.
19 said of the stomach or throat: to give a feeling of nausea His stomach rose at the sight .
1 an act of rising.
2 an increase in size, amount, volume, strength, status, rank, etc.
3 Brit an increase in salary asked for a rise .
4 a piece of rising ground; a slope or hill.
5 a beginning or origin.
6 the vertical height of a step or flight of stairs.
[Anglo-Saxon risan ]
riser noun
1 someone who gets out of bed, usually at a specified time an early riser a late riser .
2 any of the vertical parts between the horizontal steps of a set of stairs.
3 a vertical pipe, especially one within a building or on an oil rig.
rising noun
1 the act or action of rising.
2 a rebellion.
1 moving or sloping upwards; getting higher.
2 approaching greater age, maturity, status, reputation or importance.
3 approaching a specified age the rising sevens .
get or take a rise out of someone colloq to make them angry or upset, especially by teasing or provoking them.
give rise to something to cause it or bring it about.
on the rise rising or increasing.
rise and shine a facetiously cheerful invitation to someone to get out of bed briskly in the morning.
rise from the ranks
1 to work one's way up from being a private soldier to a commissioned officer.
2 to work one's way up within a particular field, profession, organization, etc.
rise to the bait to do what someone else intends or suggests that one should do.
rise to the occasion to prove oneself up to, or able to cope with, an unusual or special situation or circumstances.
rise above something to remain unaffected by teasing, provocation, criticism, etc.

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