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abbreviation : requiescat or requiescant (plural ) in pace (Latin), may he, she or they rest in peace, usually found on gravestones, death notices, etc.

verb (ripped , ripping )
1 tr & intr to tear or come apart violently or roughly.
2 intr , colloq to rush along or move quickly without restraint ripped through the store to find the best sale bargains .
3 to saw (wood or timber) along the grain.
4 (usu rip something off or out or up, etc ) to remove it quickly and violently ripped off the sticking plaster ripped out the page .
1 a violent or rough tear or split.
2 an unrestrained rush.
3 a ripsaw.
ripped adjective torn or rent.
ripper noun
1 someone who rips.
2 a murderer who mutilates the bodies of their victims.
3 a tool for ripping, especially one attached to a tractor for breaking up hard soil, etc.
4 chiefly Aust & NZ slang an excellent or attractive person or thing.
ripping see separate entry.
let it rip to let an action, process, etc continue in an unrestrained or reckless way.
let rip
1 to speak, behave, etc violently or unrestrainedly.
2 to increase suddenly in speed, volume, etc.
rip into someone to criticize them severely.
rip someone off to steal from, exploit, cheat or overcharge them. See also rip-off.
rip something up to shred or tear it into pieces ripped up his letter .

1 (also riptide) a disturbed state or stretch of the sea or in a river, caused by the meeting of currents.
2 (also rip current or riptide) a strong surface current coming out at intervals from the shore.
3 chiefly US any rough stretch of water in a river.
[18c: perhaps related to rip1]

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