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ring pronunciación 1
1 a small circle or band of gold, silver or some other metal or material, worn on the finger.
2 a circle of metal, wood, plastic, etc, for holding, keeping in place, connecting, hanging, etc.
3 any object, mark or figure which is circular in shape.
4 a circular course or route.
5 a group of people or things arranged in a circle.
6 an enclosed and usually circular area in which circus acts are performed.
7 a square area on a platform, marked off by ropes, where boxers or wrestlers fight.
8 (the ring) boxing as a profession.
9 an enclosure for bookmakers at a racecourse.
10 at agricultural shows, etc: an enclosure where cattle, horses, etc are paraded or exhibited for auction.
11 a group of people who act together to control eg an antiques or drugs market, betting, etc for their own advantage or profit.
12 a circular electric element or gas burner on top of a cooker.
13 a circular strip of bark cut from a tree. See ring-bark.
14 a circular mark, seen when a tree trunk is examined in section, that represents the amount of growth made by that tree in one year.
15 a segment of a worm, caterpillar, etc.
16 a circle of fungus growth in turf; a fairy ring.
17 chem a closed chain of atoms in a molecule, eg six-membered ring system.
18 maths a system of elements in which addition is associative and commutative, and multiplication is associative and distributive with respect to addition.
19 a thin band of particles orbiting some planets, such as Saturn and Uranus.
20 coarse slang the anus.
verb (ringed , ringing )
1 to make, form, draw, etc a ring round something, or to form it into a ring.
2 to cut something into rings.
3 to put a ring on (a bird's leg) as a means of identifying it.
4 to fit a ring in (a bull's nose) so that it can be led easily.
5 to ring-bark.
[Anglo-Saxon hring ]
ringed adjective
1 surrounded by, marked with, bearing or wearing a ring or rings.
2 ring-shaped.
3 made up of rings.
make or run rings round someone colloq to beat them or be much better than them.
throw one's hat into the ring colloq to offer oneself as a candidate or challenger.

ring pronunciación 2
verb (rang , rung , ringing )
a to sound (a bell) eg by striking it or by pulling a rope attached to it, often as a summons or to signal or announce something;
b intr said of a bell: to sound in this way.
2 a to make (a metal object, etc) give a resonant bell-like sound by striking it;
b intr said of a metal object, etc: to sound in this way when struck.
3 intr said of a large building, etc: to resound; to be filled with a particular sound The theatre rang with laughter and applause .
4 intr said of a sound or noise: to resound; to re-echo Applause rang through the theatre .
5 intr (usu ring out) to make a sudden clear loud sound shots rang out .
6 intr to sound repeatedly; to resound Her criticisms rang in his ears .
7 intr said of the ears: to be filled with a buzzing, humming or ringing sensation or sound.
8 (also ring someone up) chiefly Brit to call by telephone.
9 (usu ring for someone) to ring a bell as a summons.
10 intr (esp ring true or false) said of words, etc: to give a specified impression, especially of being genuine or not His promises ring false .
1 the act of ringing a bell.
2 the act or sound of ringing.
3 the clear resonant sound of a bell, or a similarly resonant sound.
4 Brit a telephone call.
5 a suggestion or impression of a particular feeling or quality a story with a ring of truth about it .
6 a set of bells, each with a different note, especially in a church St Nicholas has a ring of six .
[Anglo-Saxon hringan ]
ringing noun , adjective .
ringingly adverb .
ring a bell to bring to mind a vague memory of having been seen, heard, etc before His name rings a bell .
ring the changes
1 to vary the way something is done, used, said, etc.
2 bell-ringing to go through all the various orders possible when ringing a peal of church bells. See also change-ringing.
ring the curtain down or up
1 theat to give the signal for lowering, or raising, the curtain.
2 (usu ring the curtain down or up on something) colloq to put an end to, or to begin, a project or undertaking.
ring someone back
1 to telephone them again.
2 to telephone a previous caller in response to their call.
ring in to make contact by telephone with someone.
ring someone or something in or out to announce their or its arrival or departure with, or as if with, bell-ringing ring out the old year and ring in the new .
ring off to end a telephone call by replacing the receiver; to hang up.
ring something up to record the price of an item sold on a cash register.

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