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right pronunciación
1 indicating, relating or referring to, or on, the side facing east from the point of view of someone or something facing north.
2 said of a part of the body: on or towards the right side She broke her right leg .
3 said of an article of clothing, etc: worn on the right hand, foot, etc her right shoe .
4 a on, towards or close to an observer's right;
b on a stage: on or towards the performers' right stage right .
5 said of a river bank: on the right side of a person facing downstream.
6 correct; true the right answer .
7 said of a clock or watch: showing the correct time Is that clock right?
8 suitable; appropriate; proper It was the right job for him .
9 most appropriate or favourable It wasn't the right moment to ask .
10 in a correct, proper or satisfactory state or condition a few adjustments needed to make it right .
11 mentally sound or stable; sane not in his right mind .
12 physically sound.
13 morally correct or good.
14 legally correct or good.
15 belonging to or on the side of a piece of fabric, a garment, etc which is intended to be seen or worn facing outwards turn the dress right side out .
16 geom
a with an axis perpendicular to the base a right angle ;
b straight.
17 (sometimes Right)
a relating or belonging to, or indicating, the political right (see noun 5 below);
b conservative; right-wing.
18 socially acceptable know all the right people .
19 Brit colloq complete; utter; real a right mess .
1 on or towards the right side.
2 correctly; properly; satisfactorily.
3 exactly or precisely It happened right there .
4 immediately; without delay He'll be right over .
5 completely; absolutely It went right out of my mind .
6 all the way He drove right down to London .
7 said of movement, a direction, etc: straight; without deviating from a straight line right to the top .
8 towards or on the right side He looked right before crossing the road .
9 favourably or satisfactorily It turned out right in the end .
10 especially in religious titles: most; very right reverend .
11 old use or dialect very; to the full be right glad to see her .
1 (often rights) a power, privilege, title, etc that someone may claim legally or that is morally due to them.
2 (often rights) a just or legal claim to something.
3 fairness; truth; justice.
4 that which is correct, good or just the rights and wrongs of the case .
5 (often the Right) the political party, or a group of people within a party, etc which has the most conservative views.
6 the right side, part or direction of something.
7 boxing
a the right hand He was lethal with his right ;
b a punch with the right hand He knocked him out with a right .
8 a glove, shoe, etc worn on the right hand or foot Can I try on the right?
9 (often rights) commerce the privilege given to a company's existing shareholders to buy new shares, usually for less than the market value.
10 (rights) the legal permission to print, publish, film, etc a book, usually sold to a company by the author or by another company.
verb (righted , righting )
1 tr & intr to put or come back to the correct or normal, especially upright, position They soon righted the boat .
2 (esp to right a wrong) to avenge or compensate for (some wrong done).
3 to correct something; to rectify it.
4 to put something in order or return it to order.
interjection expressing agreement, assent or readiness.
[Anglo-Saxon riht , reoht ; the political sense comes from the practice in some legislatures of this group sitting to the president's right, as in the first French National Assembly in 1789]
rightable adjective .
rightly adverb
1 correctly.
2 justly.
3 fairly; properly.
4 with good reason; justifiably.
5 with certainty.
rightness noun .
be a right one Brit colloq to be or act in a silly or eccentric way.
by right or rights rightfully; properly.
do right by someone to treat them correctly or appropriately, in moral or legal terms.
in one's own right because of one's own qualifications, abilities, work, possessions, etc, rather than through a connection with someone else.
in the right right; with justice, reason, etc on one's side.
keep on the right side of someone to maintain their goodwill; not to do anything that will annoy or upset them.
on the right side of younger than (a specified age) on the right side of forty .
put or set something or someone right or to rights to put it or them in a proper order, place or state; to correct it or them.
right away or right now immediately; at once.
right, left and centre on all sides; all around.
serve someone right to be what they deserve, especially as a consequence of a foolish, ill-advised or malicious action.

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