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ride pronunciación
verb (rode , ridden , riding )
1 to sit on and control the movements of (especially a horse, bicycle, motorbike, etc).
2 intr (usu ride on or in something) to travel or be carried on (a horse, bicycle, etc) or in (a car, train or other vehicle) He rode into town on the bus .
3 chiefly N Am to travel on (a vehicle).
4 intr to go on horseback, especially regularly She rides every Sunday .
5 to ride (a horse) in a race rode Red Rum to victory .
6 to move across or be carried over (eg the sea, sky, etc) a ship riding the waves .
7 said of a ship:
a intr to float at anchor;
b to be attached to (an anchor).
8 intr said especially of the moon: to appear to float or be carried on something The moon was riding high .
9 (usu ride over or across or through) to travel over, across, through, etc by horse, car, etc rode across the desert on camels .
10 intr (often ride on something) to rest on or be supported by it while moving a kite riding on the wind .
11 intr (ride on something) to depend completely upon it It all rides on his answer .
12 to bend before (a blow, punch, etc) to reduce its impact.
13 coarse slang to have sexual intercourse with someone.
a a journey or certain distance covered on horseback, on a bicycle or in a vehicle;
b the duration of this a long ride home .
2 the horse, vehicle, etc on which one rides.
3 an experience or series of events of a specified nature a rough ride .
4 esp N Am a lift ( noun 5).
5 the type of movement, usually specified, felt when driving or travelling in a vehicle The car gives a very smooth ride .
6 a path or track, especially one through a wood or across an area of countryside, reserved for horseback riding.
7 a fairground machine, such as a rollercoaster or big wheel, on which people ride for pleasure.
8 coarse slang
a an act of sexual intercourse;
b a sexual partner, especially a female one.
[Anglo-Saxon ridan ]
1 someone who rides.
2 an object that rests on or astride another.
3 an addition to what has already been said or written, especially an extra clause added to a document; a qualification or amendment.
riderless adjective .
riding noun see separate entry.
let something ride to leave it undisturbed; to make no attempt to change or do anything about it.
ride for a fall to act or behave in a way that will inevitably lead to disaster, or a very bad reaction from others.
ride to hounds to take part in fox-hunting on horseback.
riding high going through a period of success, confidence, popularity, etc.
take someone for a ride colloq to trick, cheat or deceive them.
ride something out to come through (eg a difficult, period, situation, etc) successfully, or to endure it until it improves ride out the storm .
ride up intr said of an item of clothing: to move gradually up the body out of the correct position Her skirt rode up as she sat down .

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