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rich pronunciación
a having a lot of money, property or possessions; wealthy;
b (the rich) rich people as a group.
2 said of decoration, furnishings, etc: luxurious, costly and elaborate rich clothes .
3 high in value or quality a rich harvest .
4 (usu rich in or with something) abundantly supplied with it rich in minerals .
5 in compounds abundantly supplied with something specified oil-rich .
6 said of soil, a region, etc: very productive; fertile.
7 said of colours: vivid and intense; deep rich red .
8 said of a drink, especially an alchoholic one: with a full mellow well-matured flavour.
9 said of food:
a heavily seasoned, or strongly flavoured;
b containing a lot of fat, oil or dried fruit.
10 said of an odour: pungent, spicy, or with a strong fragrance.
11 said of a voice or a sound: full, mellow and deep.
12 said of a remark, suggestion, etc: unacceptable or outrageous; ridiculous That's a bit rich!
13 said of the mixture in an internal combustion engine: with a high proportion of fuel to air.
[Anglo-Saxon rice strong or powerful]
richly adverb
1 in a rich or elaborate way.
2 fully and suitably richly deserved .
richness noun
1 the state of being rich; wealth.
2 abundance.

plural noun wealth in general, or a particular form of abundance or wealth family riches architectural riches .
[12c: from French richesse ]

Richter scale
noun , meteorol a logarithmic scale, ranging from 0 to 10, that is used to measure the magnitude of an earthquake.
[1930s: named after its inventor, US seismologist Charles Francis Richter (1900?85)]

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