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reverse pronunciación
verb (reversed , reversing )
1 tr & intr to move or make something move backwards or in an opposite direction He reversed the car .
2 to run (a mechanism, piece of machinery, etc) backwards or in the opposite direction from what is normal.
3 to put or arrange something in an opposite or contrary position, state, order, etc reverse the names on the list .
4 to turn something (eg an item of clothing) inside out.
5 to change (eg a policy, decision, etc) to its exact opposite or contrary.
6 law to set aside or overthrow (a legal decision, judgement, etc); to annul.
1 the opposite or contrary of something.
2 a change to an opposite or contrary position, direction, state, etc.
3 the back or rear side of something, eg the back cover of a book.
4 the side of a coin, medal, note, etc that has a secondary design on it. Opposite of obverse.
5 a reversal (sense 2).
6 a mechanism (especially a car gear), which makes a vehicle, piece of machinery, etc move or operate in a backwards direction.
1 opposite, contrary or turned round in order, position, direction, etc; inverted.
2 functioning, moving or causing to move backwards, or in a direction opposite to the normal one.
3 mil relating to or positioned at the rear.
[14c: from French, from Latin revertere , reversum ]
reversed adjective .
reversedly adverb .
reversely adverb .
reverser noun .
reversing noun .
go into reverse
1 to put a vehicle, mechanism, etc into reverse gear.
2 to move backwards or in an opposite direction to normal.
in reverse backwards or in an opposite direction to normal.
reverse the charges Brit to make a telephone call that is charged to the person being called instead of to the caller.

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