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return pronunciación
verb (returned , returning )
1 intr to come or go back again to a former place, state or owner.
2 to give, send, put back, etc a particular thing in a former position.
3 intr to come back to in thought or speech return to the topic later .
4 to repay with something of the same value return the compliment .
5 tr & intr to answer or reply.
6 to report or state officially or formally.
7 to earn or produce (profit, interest, etc).
8 to elect as a Member of Parliament was returned with an increased majority .
9 law said of a jury: to deliver (a verdict).
10 tennis , badminton , etc to hit back (a ball, etc) served by one's opponent.
1 an act of coming back from a place, state, etc.
2 an act of returning something, especially to its former place, state, ownership, etc.
3 something returned, especially unsold newspapers and magazines returned to the publisher, or a theatre ticket returned to the theatre for resale.
4 profit from work, a business or investment.
5 (often returns) a statement of someone's income and allowances, used for calculating the tax which must be paid tax returns .
6 (usu returns) a statement of the votes polled in an election.
7 Brit a return ticket a day return to Edinburgh .
8 an answer or reply.
9 a ball, etc hit back after one's opponent's service in tennis, badminton, etc.
10 (in full return key)
a a key on a computer or typewriter keyboard that takes the operator from the end of one line to the beginning of the line below;
b a key on a computer keyboard used for various functions including the loading of software.
adjective forming, causing, allowing or relating to a return.
[14c: from French retorner , from Latin tornare to turn]
returnable adjective .
by return of post by the next post in the return direction, ie immediately or as soon as possible.
in return in exchange; in reply; as compensation.
many happy returns (of the day) an expression of good wishes on someone's birthday.

return match
noun , sport a second match played between the same players or teams, usually at the home ground of the side previously playing away.

return ticket
noun a ticket which allows someone to travel to a place and back again.

returning officer
noun an official in charge of running an election in a constituency, counting the votes and declaring the result.

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