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No se ha encontrado la palabra exacta. Esto es lo más aproximado:

1 to go back over (a route, path, etc).
2 to trace something back to its origin retrace her roots .
3 to go over (recent events, etc) again in one's memory.
4 to trace something again with the eyes; to look at it again carefully.

retract pronunciación
verb (retracted , retracting )
1 to draw something in or back.
2 a said of an animal: to draw or pull back (a part) into its body, shell, etc;
b said of an aircraft: to draw up (landing equipment, etc) into the main body.
3 tr & intr to withdraw (a statement, claim, charge, etc) as wrong, offensive or unjustified.
4 tr & intr to go back on, or refuse to acknowledge (a promise, agreement, etc that one has made).
[16c: from Latin retractere to draw back, from trahere to drag or pull]
retractable or retractible adjective
1 able to be drawn in, back or up; retractile.
2 said of part of an object: able to be drawn up or into the main body.
3 said of a statement, promise, etc: able to be retracted or withdrawn.
retraction noun
1 the act of drawing something in, back or up.
2 an act or instance of withdrawing, especially something one has said, agreed or promised.
retractive adjective .

adjective said especially of parts of animals, eg of a cat's claws: able to be drawn in, back or up.
retractility noun .

1 surgery an instrument for holding back tissue, skin, an organ, etc from the area being operated on.
2 anat a muscle that retracts or pulls in a part of the body.

retrain pronunciación
1 to teach (a person or animal) new skills.
2 intr to learn new skills, especially with a view to finding alternative employment.

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