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rest pronunciación 1
1 a period of relaxation or freedom from work, activity, worry, etc.
2 sleep; repose.
3 calm; tranquillity.
4 a pause from some activity stopped half way up the hill for a rest .
5 death, when seen as repose.
6 a prop or support, eg for a snooker cue, etc.
7 (often in compounds ) a place or thing which holds or supports something a headrest on a car seat .
8 a pause in reading, speaking, etc.
9 music
a an interval of silence in a piece of music two bars' rest ;
b a mark indicating the duration of this.
10 a place for resting, especially a lodging for sailors.
verb (rested , resting )
1 tr & intr to stop or make something stop working or moving.
2 intr to relax, especially by sleeping or stopping some activity.
3 tr & intr to set, place or lie on or against something for support rested her arm on the chair .
4 intr to be calm and free from worry.
5 tr & intr to give or have as a basis or support will rest my argument on practicalities .
6 tr & intr to depend or make something depend or be based on or in.
7 tr & intr said of the eyes: to remain or make them remain looking in a certain direction, or at a certain person or thing.
8 intr to be left without further attention, discussion or action let the matter rest there .
9 intr to lie dead or buried.
10 intr said of farmland: to lie without a crop in order to regain its fertility.
11 intr , colloq said of an actor: to be unemployed.
[Anglo-Saxon roest ]
rester noun .
restful adjective
1 bringing or giving rest, or producing a sensation of calm, peace and rest.
2 relaxed; at rest.
restfully adverb .
restfulness noun .
resting adjective
1 not moving, working, etc; at rest.
2 colloq said especially of an actor: not working; unemployed.
restless adjective
1 constantly moving about or fidgeting; unable to stay still or quiet.
2 constantly active or in motion; unceasing.
3 giving no rest; not restful a restless night .
4 worried, nervous and uneasy.
restlessly adverb .
restlessness noun .
at rest
1 not moving or working; stationary.
2 free from trouble, worry, etc set his mind at rest .
3 asleep.
4 dead.
lay someone to rest to bury or inter them.
rest one's case
1 law to conclude the calling of witnesses and presentation of arguments in a law case.
2 to bring one's argument to a close.

rest pronunciación 2
noun (usu the rest)
1 what is left when part of something is taken away, used, finished, etc; the remainder.
2 the others.
verb (rested , resting ) intr to continue to be; to remain rest assured .
[15c: from French rester , from Latin restare to remain, from stare to stand]
for the rest concerning, or as regards, other matters.

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