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resist pronunciación
verb (resisted , resisting )
1 tr & intr to oppose or fight against someone or something; to refuse to give in or comply to something.
2 to remain unchanged by, or withstand, something damaging a metal which resists corrosion .
3 to refuse to accept or comply with (an order, etc).
4 to refrain from something in spite of temptation or attraction He just can't resist chocolate .
noun a protective coating of a resistant substance, especially one applied to parts of a fabric that are not to be dyed or printed, or a light-sensitive coating on a silicon wafer.
[14c: from Latin resistere , from sistere to stand firm]
resister noun .
resistibility noun .
resistible adjective .
resistibly adverb .

resistance pronunciación
1 the act or process of resisting.
2 the ability to, or degree to which, something damaging can be withstood, especially the body's natural ability to resist disease or infection.
3 elec (symbol R) a measure of the extent to which a material or an electrical device opposes the flow of an electric current through it.
4 a measure of the extent to which a material opposes the flow of heat through it.
5 a resistor.
6 (usu the Resistance) an underground organization fighting for the freedom of a country that has been occupied by an enemy force.
[14c: from French résistance ]
resistant adjective (often in compounds ) able to resist, withstand or remain unaffected or undamaged by something water-resistant .
noun someone or something that resists.
line of least resistance the easiest, but not necessarily the best, course of action.

resistance thermometer
noun a device for measuring high temperatures by means of the variation in the electrical resistance of a wire as the temperature changes.

noun , physics (symbol ?) the ability of a cubic metre of material to oppose the flow of an electric current.

noun , elec a device which introduces a known value of resistance to electrical flow into a circuit.
[Early 20c]

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