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report pronunciación
noun (abbreviation rept)
1 a detailed statement, description or account, especially one made after some form of investigation.
2 a detailed and usually formal account of the discussions and decisions of a committee, inquiry or other group of people.
3 an account of some matter of news or a topical story a news report .
4 a statement of a pupil's work and behaviour at school, usually made at the end of each school year or each term.
5 a rumour;
b general talk.
6 character or reputation.
7 a loud explosive noise, eg the sound of a gun firing.
verb (reported , reporting )
1 to bring back (information, etc) as an answer, news or account reported that fighting had broken out .
2 intr to state.
3 (often to report on something) to give a formal or official account or description of (findings, information, etc), especially after an investigation.
4 US said of a committee, etc: to make a formal report on (a bill, etc).
5 a to give an account of (some matter of news, etc), especially for a newspaper, or TV or radio broadcast;
b intr to act as a newspaper, TV or radio reporter.
6 to make a complaint about someone, especially to a person in authority.
7 to make something known to a person in authority.
8 intr (usu report for something or to someone) to present oneself at an appointed place or time for a particular purpose Please report to reception on arrival .
9 intr (usu report to someone) to be responsible to them or under their authority.
10 intr to account for oneself in a particular way report sick .
11 law to take down or record the details of a legal case, proceedings, etc.
[14c: from French reporter , from Latin reportare to carry back]
reportable adjective .
reportedly adverb according to report or general talk.
reporter noun
1 someone who reports, especially for a newspaper, TV or radio.
2 law someone whose job is to prepare reports on legal proceedings.

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