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repeat pronunciación
verb (repeated , repeating )
1 to say, do, etc, again or several times.
2 to echo or say again exactly (the words already said by someone else).
3 to tell (something one has heard or been told in confidence) to someone else, especially when one ought not to.
4 a to quote something from memory;
b to recite (a poem, etc).
5 intr said of food: to be tasted again some time after being swallowed.
6 intr to occur again or several times; to recur.
7 (usu repeat itself) said of an event, occurrence, etc: to happen in exactly the same way more than once history repeats itself .
8 intr said of a gun: to fire several times without being reloaded.
9 intr said of a clock: to strike the hour or quarter hour.
10 intr , US to vote illegally more than once in the same election.
11 (repeat oneself) to say the same thing more than once.
12 said of a TV or radio company: to broadcast (a programme, series, etc) again The BBC repeats -Murder One- on Wednesdays -Murder One- is repeated on Wednesday .
a the act of repeating;
b a repetition.
2 something that is repeated, especially a television or radio programme which has been broadcast before.
3 music
a a passage in a piece of music that is to be repeated;
b a sign which marks such a passage.
4 an order for goods, etc that is exactly the same as a previous one.
adjective repeated a repeat showing .
[14c: from French répéter ]
repeatable adjective
1 able to be repeated.
2 suitable or fit to be told to others.
repeated adjective
1 said, done, etc again or several times.
2 reiterated.
repeatedly adverb again and again; frequently.
repeater noun
1 someone or something that repeats.
2 a clock or watch that strikes the last hour or quarter hour when required.
3 a gun that can be fired several times without having to be reloaded.
4 telegraphy an instrument for automatically retransmitting a message.
repeating noun , adjective .

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