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relate pronunciación
verb (related , relating )
1 to tell or narrate (a story, anecdote, etc).
2 (usu relate one thing to or with another) to show or form a connection or relationship between facts, events, etc related his unhappiness to a deprived childhood .
3 intr (relate to someone) colloq
a to get on well with them;
b to react favourably or sympathetically to them.
4 intr (relate to something)
a to be about it or concerned with it I have information that relates to their activities ;
b to be able to understand it or show some empathy towards it I can relate to her angry response ;
c (also relate with something) to have or form a connection or relationship with it crime relates to poverty .
5 intr , law said of a decision, etc: to date back in application; to be valid from a date earlier than that on which it was made.
[16c: from Latin referre , relatum to bring back]
relatable adjective .

related pronunciación
a belonging to the same family;
b connected by birth or marriage.
2 connected.
3 music referring to or indicating a key that shares notes with another key or keys.
relatedness noun .

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