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regular pronunciación
1 usual; normal; customary.
2 arranged, occurring, acting, etc in a fixed pattern of predictable or equal intervals of space or time visit my parents at regular intervals .
3 agreeing with some rule, custom, established practice, etc, and commonly accepted as correct.
4 symmetrical or even.
5 said of a geometric figure: having all the faces, sides, angles, etc the same.
6 said of bowel movements or menstrual periods: occurring with normal frequency.
7 orig US of standard or medium size a regular portion of fries .
8 colloq complete; absolute That child is a regular little monster .
9 grammar said of a noun, verb, etc: following one of the usual patterns of formation, inflection, etc.
10 mil said of troops, the army, etc: belonging to or forming a permanent professional body.
11 a officially qualified or recognized;
b professional.
12 belonging to a religious order and subject to the rule of that order.
13 N Am colloq behaving in a generally acceptable or likeable way a regular guy .
14 astron said of a satellite: keeping to or deviating only slightly from a circular orbit around its planet.
1 mil a soldier in a professional permanent army.
2 colloq a frequent customer, especially of a pub, bar, shop, etc.
3 a member of a religious order who has taken the three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.
[14c: from French reguler , from Latin regula rule]
regularity noun .
regularly adverb .

regularize or regularise
verb (regularized , regularizing ) to make something regular.
regularization noun .

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