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refuse pronunciación 1
verb (refused , refusing )
1 tr & intr to declare oneself unwilling to do what one has been asked or told to do, etc; to say -no-.
2 to decline to accept something refuse the offer of help .
3 not to allow (access, etc) or give (permission).
4 tr & intr to show or express unwillingness The car refused to start .
5 tr & intr said of a horse: to stop at a fence and not jump over it.
[14c: from French refuser ]
refusable adjective .
refusal noun
1 an act of refusing.
2 (usu first refusal) the opportunity to buy, accept or refuse something before it is offered, given, sold, etc to anyone else.

refuse pronunciación 2
1 rubbish; waste.
2 anything that is thrown away.
[15c: from French refus rejection]

refusenik or refusnik
1 in the former Sovet Union: someone refused permission to emigrate.
2 someone who refuses to comply with laws or follow orders, especially as a protest.
[1970s: from refuse1 + -nik, modelled on Russian otkaznik , from otkazat to refuse]

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