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reduce pronunciación
verb (reduced , reducing )
1 tr & intr to make or become less, smaller, etc.
2 to change someone or something into a worse or less desirable state or form reduced her to tears .
3 mil to lower the rank, status or grade of someone reduce to the ranks .
4 to bring someone into a state of obedience; to subdue.
5 to make weaker or poorer.
6 to lower (the price of something).
7 intr to lose weight by dieting.
8 to convert (a substance) into a simpler form.
9 to simplify something or make it more easily understood by considering only its essential elements reduce the plan to four main points .
10 tr & intr cookery to thicken (a sauce) by slowly boiling off the excess liquid.
11 chem to cause (a substance) to undergo a chemical reaction whereby it gains hydrogen or loses oxygen.
12 maths to convert (a fraction) to a form with the numerator and denominator as low in value as possible, eg 3/9 to 1/3.
13 metallurgy to convert (ore, etc) into metal.
14 surgery to put back into a normal condition or position (eg an organ, dislocation or fracture).
[14c: from Latin reducere to lead back]
reducibility noun .
reducible adjective .

reduced circumstances
plural noun a state of poverty, especially following a time of relative wealth.

1 someone or something that reduces.
2 a joint-piece for connecting pipes of different diameters.

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