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record pronunciación
1 a formal written report or statement of facts, events or information.
2 (often records) information, facts, etc, collected usually over a fairly long period of time dental records .
3 the state or fact of being recorded.
4 a thin plastic disc used as a recording medium for reproducing music or other sound. Also ( old use) called gramophone record.
5 especially in sports: a performance which is officially recognized as the best of a particular kind.
6 a description of the history and achievements of a person, institution, company, etc.
7 a list of the crimes of which a person has been convicted.
8 comput a collection of related data or fields that can be treated as a single unit of stored information.
9 anything that recalls or commemorates past events.
1 relating to a record a record attempt .
2 unsurpassed a record number of applications .
verb (recorded , recording )
1 to set something down in writing or some other permanent form, especially for use in the future.
2 tr & intr to register (sound, music, speech, etc) on a record or tape so that it can be listened to in the future.
3 said of a dial, instrument, person's face, etc: to show or register (a particular figure, feeling, etc).
[13c: from French recorder , from Latin recordari to remember]
go on record to make a public statement.
off the record said of information, statements, etc: not intended to be repeated or made public.
on record officially recorded; publicly known.
set or put the record straight to correct a mistake or false impression.

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